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ADP Cleaning is a well-established cleaning company that provides a wide range of residential services to customers in Tauranga and the surrounding areas. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers, ensuring that their homes are cleaned to their satisfaction.

Our team of experienced cleaners is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide high-quality cleaning services. We offer a variety of services, including regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and more.

Our regular house cleaning service is perfect for those who need help keeping their homes clean on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We offer flexible scheduling options so that our customers can choose the frequency and duration of their cleanings according to their needs.

At ADP Cleaning, we're committed to providing high-quality residential services at affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule your next residential cleaning appointment!

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What we cover

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Office Cleaning

Did you know that you spend half of your life at the office. Why not taking the same care getting it clean as what you will at home. We take care of the dust and germs leaving your office a clean and healthy space to work in. Having a healthy and clean space will enhance productivity and help prevent the spread of illness.

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Irregular Cleaning

Not needing a weekly or fortnightly clean but need someone to go in and reset the office every now and then? We are extremely flexible and will assist you when you need a clean. No set dates required just a bit of notice and we will have your space ready for you in no time.

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Builders Clean

Building or renovating a new home or office space takes a lot of time and hard work. Not to mention all the dust and finger marks on walls and windows. With our experience and great quality products and equipment we can have the place ready in no time.

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Deep Cleaning

We recommend your home, especially bathrooms and kitchens get a deep clean every couple of months to ensure that there is no grime and mould build-up in these areas. By doing a deep clean this will ensure that your family will stay healthier for longer keeping those nasty bugs and bacteria at bay. Deep clean around the home every couple of months will make your home a happy and healthy home.

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Window Cleaning

Our extendable water-fed pole system means we can thoroughly clean every single one of your windows using purified, low-pressure water and in most cases without using ladders. This keeps you, our team and your home safe from unexpected falls and ladder-related accidents.

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Carpet Washing

Getting to the point where it doesn’t matter how much you clean your office it’s just never enough? How about getting your carpets cleaned. This will give your office home a wonderful clean smell and you will have the reassurance that the dirt and grime build up will be gone leaving a fresh clean carpet.

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Why Choose ADP Cleaning?

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Always on Time

Due to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances, we can’t always guarantee that we will be on time.  We always give an estimate time that we will be there and in the rear circumstances that we can’t make it we will contact you and reschedule you are a date and time that will work for you.

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Peace of Mind

When using our services, you can have piece of mind that your clean will always done at a high standard and that your belongings will be safe and cleaned with care.  We have insurance and in the rear occasion that damage is done to your property or belongings you will be covered.

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Professional Cleaning

We use quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure that your clean will always be done at a professional standard.  Our staff is well trained and professional and will get the job done as expected.

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Top Quality Service

We use top quality products and equipment.  We are always on the look out for better products and equipment to ensure that you always gets top quality service.

How It Works

Request a Quote

You can request a quote by telling us what you are looking for and the size of your home or office.  Should you only require a specials requests in stead of a full house clean we will work out a special quote just for your needs.

Book an Appointment

In the event that you want us to meet you at your home or office to let us know exactly what you want and need or you are not sure what you want and need we will meet you for a free no obligation meeting.

Book a Clean

Now that you have received a quote and we know exactly what you need and want we will book a clean specially tailored for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can be at home during a clean but it is not required.  We have some clients that work from home and some that go to work, leaving their home ready for us to come in and do the clean.

You don’t have to lock up your pets when we come in to clean.  We love animals and are happy to work around them.

What our customers says

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