About Us

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About ADP Cleaning

We’ve been keeping homes and offices clean since 2021 with an outstanding reputation. We currently have 4 employees who works in teams of two unless we have a big clean then we work in a team of 3 or 4.

We thrive to make your cleaning experience always memorable and have time to chat and see how your day or week has been.  We work all over Tauranga and should you require us to do a clean outside Bay of Plenty we are happy to go the distance.  We use top quality products and equipment and try and stay on top of new trends.

Our Mission

ADP Cleaning services is more than just cleaning,  Our mission is to create clean and healthy homes and offices.  Every client is important to us and we thrive to get to know you better, that is off course if you are home during our clean.  We understand that a home is where the heart is and that is why your home matters to us.

To us you are not just another job or another number but a family.  Every minute cleaning is a minute away from your family and time is precious with the ones you love.  So it we can make your home safe from germs and clean so that you don’t have to that will be a mission well done.

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